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P16,2R1G LED moving sign
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Product Description:

 P16,2R1G LED moving sign


Detailed Product Description



Outdoor dual color led screen
1.High quality:CE&Rohs
2.Saving energy
3.Vivid color effect

 P16 outdoor multi line led screen

Technical specification:

 Product Features:

1. Dual color by filling the whole of imported silica gel, which makes our products in water, antifreeze, superior high-temperature side

 2. After a dustproof and waterproof tested to reach its target IP45

 3. All modules are cross color enhancing, and the edge compression is strong, not deformation, the flatness of display cabinet will be better.

 4. The box with a sliding iron top, bottom chute, and optional locking device to fine-tune the gap and ensure seamless between the box. Plesse do not squeeze the entire screen which ensure good surface smoothness

 5. Measured by the Shenzhen Institute of Quality Inspection Bureau U.S. core companies of the outdoor full color display for temperature impact test,the results showed that: outdoor full color display can use the power normally under the temperature at -25 °C to +75 °C

 6. Widely used in advertising, sports, industrial enterprises, transportation, stations, terminals, airports, construction, education system and other public places





Pixel pitch


Pixel density(dots/m2)


Board size (mm*mm)


Display primary color

Red & Yellow-green, Red & Pure-green

Driving method

1/4 scanning

Level vision

≥120 °C

Operating temperature


Working voltage


Transmission distance

100 meters

Life span

100000 hours

Power consumption



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