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P20 2R1G1B LED advertising display
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Product Description:

 P20 2R1G1B LED advertising display

1.High quality: CE& Rohs
2.Big size chip: 13mil,546
3.High brightness: 8500cd/m2


P20 full color video stadium LED display :


  1. With sensitive control system, it can adjust screen brightness automatically according to the lighting change of indoor and outdoor, saving energy to reduce your operating costs greatly.
  2. High refresh rate and high gray make the picture more realistic, which meets the demand of high visual quality of commercial usage.
  3. The advertising contents can be changed at any time, for different customers and various advertisements.
  4. With high efficient optical fiber transmission system, it can reduce signal delay caused by long transmission distance, which ensure the consistency of the display.
  5. You can control all display information by remote network, and change the screen information by clicking the mouse, in order to achieve the network clustering of urban and regional ads.
  6. It supports network control function, allowing you to control the displays of several cities in one place to change the contents at any time.
  7. With environmental monitoring systems, you can know the display operation anytime, anywhere.
  8. With multi-function card, it can turn on and turn off the screen by software timing or manually at any time, achieving unattended function.


Technical Specification


Pixel pitch: 20mm

Pixel configuration: 2R1G1B

Brightness: Red: 1000mcd Green: 2300mcd Blue: 600mcd

Wave length: Red: 625±2nm Green: 525±2nm Blue: 470±2nm

Module resolution: 16×8 pixels


Module size: 320mmx160mm

Cabinet size: 1280mm×960mm×150mm


Cabinet resolution: 3072 pixels

Cabinet material: Steel

Gross weight: 55kg

Module quantity: 24 pcs= 4(w) x 6(h)

Power consumption : Max.:1000W/m² Everage: 600W/m²


Drive method: static

Brightness: 8000cd/m²

IC driver: MBI 5026

Density: 2500 pixel/m²

Whole display flatness: ≤ 1mm juncture

Best view distance: ≥ 20m

Viewing angle: Horizontal: 120° Vertical: 60°

Humidity(RH): ≤ 90~95%

Working temperature: from -30°C to +60°C

Working voltage: AC220V/110V±10%

Refresh frequency: 2400Hz(Zdec) ≥ 300Hz(Linsn)

Frame rate: ≥ 60Hz

Protection grade: IP64

MTBF: More than 10000hrs

Life time: 100,000 hrs

Control system

Control system: Linsn

Signal interface: DVI

Communication distance: Internet cable: ≤120m / Fiber cable: 1000m

Systems operating platforms : XP,WINDOWS(WIN95,WIN98,WIN2000

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